Friday, August 11

I know it’s been a little bit more than a Friday since you’ve heard from me but since no one knows this blog exists I’m in the clear! Now to this week’s round-up:

  1.  Why We Fell For Clean Eating – The Guardian A really upsetting and fascinating look at the destructive food and diet trends from the last few years. I’m a grown woman and I still struggle against the aspirational/charismatic Instagrammers, so I’m worried for younger and more vulnerable girls on social media. 
  2. Jenny Slate’s excellent podcast interview includes a weird first date story everyone was sharing last week, but there’s also a beautiful section where she talks earnest 3-year plan.
  3. Notes On a Banana: A Memoir of Food, Love, and Manic Depression by David Leite. There’s something about his writing voice and his story that really draws you in. I’m almost halfway through and eager to see where his story goes.
  4. O Esperanza! by Catherine Barnett. “…his sense of the holy was bound up with the hope / that some day our remote descendants will live in a global civilization / in which love is pretty much the only law.”
  5. Frog and Toad Together by Arnold Lobel. The story “Dragons & Giants” is particularly adorable.

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