September 15, 2017

I’ll be honest, this week was a tough one. I had 5 classes to teach the basics of research strategy, and although this morning’s class went really well, I’m coming away from the week feeling professionally lonely. 

So this week’s readings are pretty surface level – I was just too busy to keep up with long-form reading. Thanks for bearing with, and see you next week!

  1. What the Rich Won’t Tell You, the New York Times. This is really something. "Is the society we want one in which it is acceptable for some people to have tens of millions or billions of dollars as long as they are hardworking, generous, not materialistic and down to earth? Or should there be some other moral rubric, that would strive for a society in which such high levels of inequality were morally unacceptable, regardless of how nice or moderate its beneficiaries are?“
  2. Writing Advice by Alan Jacobs. Short but good read.
  3. Tender by Sofia Samatar. Her short stories have just the mix of ordinary and extraordinary that I relish in fantasy writers. I think she’s one of my favorite voices in speculative fiction these days.
  4. Wonderful! by Rachel and Griffin Mcelroy. This podcast used to be about recapping episodes from the Bachelor franchise, which the couple has recently moved away from in favor of simply talking about things they find wonderful. I like the positivity, and the sense that you’re just chilling with a cool couple talking about things they like.
  5. 11 Perfect First Day of School Outfits, Racked. This is so cute – people’s first day of school outfits from preschoolers to grad students and teachers.

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