September 22, 2017

A week and a day till my wedding! Life is full of pretty paper things, white ribbon, and list after list. Here’s this week’s reading list:

  1. 2-Hour Rule, Business Insider. “2 hours [set aside once a week] may seem like a long time to just think […] but leaving aside at least an hour or so is a worthy investment. It lets your mind play, and if you ask good questions, it’ll sharpen it, too. That tends to compound over time.” More and more I’m realizing the importance of making space for quiet.
  2. Why Your Favorite TV Character’s Dress Looks So Different on You, Racked. This is about how TV costumers tailor everything their stars wear. Both tailoring and costuming are interests of mine, so I’ve known about this phenomenon, but this is a particularly good look inside. It’s so fascinating, and digs into some of the real work tailors do on a garment to make it perfect for a character.
  3. Ladies Be Tuckin’, The Hairpin. There is so much to parody and ridicule about the way magazines profile celebrities and famous people. Take a writing class people! This is creepy!
  4. Torrid’s NYFW Show Reaffirmed Fashion’s Disdain for Fat People, Racked. "There’s no reason a plus-size brand should play by the rules of a game that inherently dehumanizes its customers. There’s no runway show that’s going to convince them we deserve nice things.“
  5. Stain Solutions, University of Illinois Extension. This is a gem! Stain solutions for every conceivable thing you could get on your shirt or carpet!

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