December 8, 2017

My students are bouncing off the walls with stress & questions, & I’ve got some kind of goopy cold, so my reading list is on the shorter side this week. Here’s to a cozy weekend under a stack of blankets!

  1. Living More with Less, Doris Janzen Longacre. This book has had the largest impact on me, out of anything I’ve read this year. In simple but truly radical writing, the author helps you think of your role in over-consumption and waste, and how minor changes in perspective and daily habits can make a difference. The book also shares frugal and responsible living tips from Mennonites in the USA and abroad, and the advice is very immediate for all it was written in 1980.
  2. Turn Toward Instead of Away, Gottman relationship blog. I thought the idea of “bids” (for attention, support, love) which are sometimes unspoken or hiding in subtext, was really helpful. Making “turning toward” each other the goal of conflict resolution and daily support of one another has been valuable to me.
  3. TIME’s Person of the Year: The Silence Breakers. I’m impressed with this choice – and naming this collective of people who have said, “No more abuse in our workplaces, there must be consequences for offenders,” you can really see how powerful women can be when you pool our voices together. 
  4. Raising a Teenage Daughter. This essay is written by the mother and annotated by the teenage daughter (click the blue highlighted words to see Hannah’s comments). What a cool format for an essay.
  5. The Most Fascinating Part of The Big Bang Theory Is How Bad Everyone Is at Fake-Eating, Vulture.

    There are plenty of gifs in this post to back up the fake eating on this sitcom. Just like Friends was notorious for big and obviously empty coffee mugs!

Bonus Features:

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