January 5, 2018

Hello, 2018! What are your goals for this year? Do you prefer the word “goals,” “resolutions,” or “intentions”? I think each has implications for how you intend to achieve what you want (I personally prefer “goals” but intentions has a nice ring to it). The week of Christmas and New Years was very busy, so here’s what I’ve managed to read:

  1. Giant Days series, John Allison. I first got into John Allison’s comics through Kate Beaton recommending Bad Machinery, but I think I’m enjoying the more grown up but still totally fun Giant Days college series even more. I read the most recent issues on the plane, using the public library’s app!
  2. This Divorced Couple’s Viral Christmas Proposal Video Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today, Buzzfeed. Ok, more of a watch than a read, but it’s so sweet.
  3. The Broken Earth Series, N.K. Jemisin. Another book series (hey, it’s cozy season! time for books, not thinkpieces), and while this end-of-the-world science fiction isn’t for everyone (some violence, some darkness that lingers over you), the mystery of what’s really going on has kept me hooked through the first book and a half so far. A rec for anyone who likes good worldbuilding, diverse representation in fantasy characters, and anyone interested in the theme of hope when all seems (is?) lost. 
  4. Black Farmers Are Sowing The Seeds Of Health And Empowerment, NPR. This is a really cool thing!

  5. Let’s All Stop Saying Bless You, Lifehacker. I’d love to discuss this idea with you all – what do you think of cutting out this politeness norm that isn’t actually so polite? Etiquette is kind of fascinating; the fundamental values might remain the same (respect, making people feel comfortable and honored), but the specific rules about how to have good manners are always changing.

Also, sidenote: I’m working my way through two 30ish-day practices (Whole30 and Yoga With Adriene’s new TRUE series), and would love to hear how you are spending your January, either in the question box or on Facebook!

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