January 19, 2018

Hi folks! The new semester is in full swing already (I had my first class come to the library yesterday!), and there’s a real January feeling over everything – that is, a bit chapped, full of reunions and clean slates. This week’s reads:

  1. 10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Blogging, Joy the Baker. I benefited from this advice as someone new to blogging (or rather, someone new to public blogging), and of course I appreciate the emphasis on being nice and being authentic. Both of those traits go a long way in any field.
  2. What if 2018 was your startup?, Graceless. Ok I just learned about Graceless, an “anti-aspirational” site that features writing for women who are “tired of the Supposed To and Should Have, and ready to Just Be.” I really liked this piece, the first I’ve read from them, about approaching a new year with a purpose, rather than with a checklist of things you wish you had the willpower to do. You may still end up with a list of goals and a meticulous list of steps to achieve them (or is that just me?), but they will be fueled by the “Why.” And remembering the why is what gets us through the toughest and dullest parts of reaching our goals.
  3. Why You Need “White Space” in Your Daily Routine. This read introduced me to the term “time scarcity,” (the idea of being chronically overscheduled) and how that inhibits our mental capacity. When I was in high school, I remember being frustrated that my parents maintained “margins” in their and my schedule – a little bit of time between each commitment, and at least one night a week with no commitments outside the home. But I am very grateful to that model of living now, when the pace of American culture has only gotten faster.
  4. Following Directions: A Metaphor for Something. Jennifer Peepas is one of my favorite writers (Captain Awkward). This is a good short one about struggling to be heard, coming from a thoughtful writer who dedicates a lot of her advice column to helping people find their voices. 
  5. Elevator Etiquette in Japan, Medium. A little late to this story but WOW. I love a good, if unofficial, post on etiquette. (One of these days I should dedicate a Friday5 to my favorite etiquette resources, or tips on manners…)

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