January 26, 2018

Hey everybody, what a week! As I’m writing this I’m cold and dried out like a scaled creature and if you are too, drink and lotion up! If the world has you down, please see above photo of my dog’s perfect foot to boost your spirits before you get back out there.

  1. Octavia Butler’s intentions, written on the back of a notebook. “So be it! See to it!” It’s some amazing goal-setting.
  2. How to Rescue Your Dry and Cracked Winter Skin, Lifehacker. I’m taking furious notes on the guidance here, but I’ll add a shoutout to my favorite “my hands are wrecked someone send help” products – for greasy intense moisture I use Bag Balm (this does have lanolin, so watch out if you’re allergic), and for an everyday lotion that restores my skin but doesn’t make me an oil slick, I use Lumiere de Vie Intensive Hand Cream which is a little expensive but feels like velvet.
  3. 10 Must-Try Beauty DIYs, the Crafted Life. I really want to try making my own perfume, that sounds like so much fun (and like a much better use for vodka)! I’ve tried handmade lip balms before, but the rest of these are going on my Spring Projects list.
  4. I’m So Jealous of My Friend, Captain Awkward. One of the all-star Captain Awkward responses, about someone struggling to get over a friend’s success in the same field. The Captain shares some practical advice for focusing on your craft and re-framing how you feel when you compare yourself to successful people. I treasure these words.
  5. You’re Distracted. This Professor Can Help, The Chronicle of Higher Ed. This article might be behind a paywall for you, but I read it this week in my research on mindfulness and the college library and there are a few things that stuck with me. “…multitasking is actually rapid task switching, since the human brain does just one thing at a time…Mr. Mayr offers the example of watching television while doing homework from a textbook. While you’re trying to follow a story on television, you won’t be doing your homework, he says, and while doing your homework, you won’t get the TV story. Simple as that. What’s more, he says, you pay a price for switching—with moments of mental “dead time” unproductive for either task. For every activity, your brain must reconfigure itself to do a constellation of things required for the type of task.“ Ahh! Everything is telling me to stop multitasking and to show up for one thing at a time. I hope I’m getting better at it, day by day.

Here’s one more cool thing about basketball players moving in perfect synchronization.

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