February 9, 2018

Can I be real a second (for just a millisecond)? The past few weeks have been low for me. On Tuesday, I rested my head on my desk and wondered if I was trying not to cry or fall asleep. I think I’m starting to become the dreaded b-word*, and in the middle of a semester I’m not sure what I can do to shift the tide. Currently accepting any self-care tips & hacks you all may have.

*burned-out. not that b-word, I hope…

  1. Why Are There So Many Bra Ads on Instagram, Anyway?, Racked. “‘I’ve started feeling like maybe you don’t realize what being exposed to an endless string of half-naked, extremely thin women is doing to people like me?” writes Hallden. “You know, I mostly just came here to see pictures of my friends’ dogs and kids and shit, but every time I fire up the old ‘gram these days, I gotta waste a ton of mental energy comparing myself unfavorably to Kayla, here.’” This is so real…“Meanwhile, studies have linked Instagram use — and looking at “fitspo” images in particular — with negative body image, and found that people who are already prone to comparing themselves with others do so even more on social media than with traditional magazines or billboards.” There’s also a GENIUS tip at the end of this piece.
  2. Is Skincare Feminism’s New Salve?, Stuff Mom Never Told You. This one is a podcast (one of my favorite podcasts these days!), and talks about the trend of skincare – is it self-care or selling you something? Or a little of both? A good listen.
  3. Skincare is Good and Also Works, Racked (again). This is another voice in that “Is skincare a coping mechanism and/or a con?” conversation. “At the crux of the article is the argument that we — mostly women, mind you! — are all a bunch of silly pawns with no agency to overcome the stupidity of skincare thrust upon us by the industry. Trust me, I know what I’m getting myself into. Skincare has spawned a community of (mostly) women talking about it and bonding over it. It’s provided common ground. And it’s provided the chance for small victories, even if just over your wily pores.” That’s one thing I have loved about skincare – the community! The thing I have not loved is the expectation that we can all afford $150 jars the size of a mini-muffin, but that’s why I gravitate toward the budget skincare community, which has been a lot of (realistic) fun for me.
  4. How to Travel the World While Working Full-Time. This was a great interview, and is inspiring me to plan some mini-baby-weekend trips this year, to psych me up for some more courageous travel in future years.
  5. How to Brag on Social Media Without Annoying Your Friends, The Cut. This was the best advice from this piece, in my opinion: “The best braggers know to target their boasts to people who who have a vested interest in their goals, like funneling exercise updates to a fitness accountability group or posting creative successes in an author support forum, etc. That way, your audience will be more likely to swoop in with hearty support.” I’d be interested to hear what you think of this one, because a lot of the advice here made me squirm (see: pretending to quote someone who’s proud of you so you can reveal your good news). 

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