February 16, 2018

Happy week of love! Have you ever tried a loving-kindness meditation? It’s a way to show a little love to yourself and extend love to others, and I recently practiced the exercise for the first time. It’s a nice way to remember that everyone you meet is a whole person and wants the same basic things that you do – and that someone else’s happiness doesn’t take anything away from mine. It was a lesson I am glad I learned this week.

  1. Letter of Recommendation: Hysterectomies, NYT. This piece made me tear up. “Having a hysterectomy required me to let go of my fears and misdirected beliefs, yes, but also I had to arrive at a new awareness that I deserved to feel great. You can just cut out the thing that doesn’t work. Now I know.”
  2. What Is It About Costco? Buzzfeed. “The joy of Costco does not lie in thrift. It lies in bulk.” This is really an incredible essay – it took me by surprise. I want to leave most of the surprise there for when you click it.
  3. The Secret Lives of Color, Kassia St. Clair.  I am loving this book, which has short blurbs on the intriguing history of various shades. So much mystery and subjectivity in the creation and cataloging of color!
  4. What the Screen Time Experts Do With Their Own Kids, NPR. I’m interested in the idea of shared screen time. One of the chief joys of being married for me is flopping into bed at the end of the night and (bad habit alert) watching all the goofy vines, videos, and slideshows of memes that I’ve saved up to look at with David. Also curious about the pediatrician’s recommended formula: “5-2-1-0. That means five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, no more than two hours of screens, one hour of physical activity, and no sugary beverages.” Sounds like a 30-day challenge in the making.
  5. Does Anyone Actually Like Holding Hands? Man Repeller. “Strong advocate for linking arms over holding hands. Intimacy is in the elbow creases.”

Bonus features:

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