March 9, 2018

I have lighter fare to share with you all this week, and it feels good. It’s been helpful for me to think about how to participate in technology and remain human, and about how stress and overwork can mess with your brain, but it’s also nice to remember that there are other things out there – like colors and weird cleaning tricks. Have a lovely weekend!

  1. The Lost Art of Bending Over: How Other Cultures Spare Their Spines. The hip hinge! I have been doing this in yoga and weightlifting, never thinking about how it could save my back in everyday bending. Dang!
  2. Beyond Lemons and Vinegar: How to Clean With Ketchup, Vodka, Butter and More, NYT. Over here taking furious notes on the weird household stuff you can clean with common pantry ingredients. Vodka?!

  3. What Is the Perfect Color Worth? NYT Mag.

    Wait, why isn’t “color forecaster” my job? I love colors so much! “…presenting “mood boards” they had brought with them. Like oversize pages from a scrapbook, these displays included photographs, drawings, artworks, ribbons, textiles, paint samples, bits of plastic, lengths of rope, tourist tchotchkes and, in one instance, a piece of frilly lingerie.”

    And: “…a larger cultural phenomenon: a growing popular enthusiasm for color in its own right and for its own sake, free of the constraints of form or function. Color’s liberation owes much to the rise of the internet, particularly the explosion of photo sharing on social media.”

  4. My Life as a Woman With Colorblindness, The Cut. “I wouldn’t want to permanently correct my color vision. As an adult, I can appreciate it, because I know my perception of the world is different, and there’s value in that. I have a totally different relationship with color than other people do. I think you see more color than I do, but I see more in color.” This is really sweet, especially the video she links to where you can see her try the color-correcting glasses for the first time.
  5. I Tried the Morning Routines of 5 Successful People. This is exactly my type of life experiment, although it sounds like a lot of gym memberships may be required. She also did one for the bedtime routines of successful people

Bonus features:

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