April 6, 2018

Do you have a favorite room in your house? Mine is this unfurnished spot in our living room – we have a few plants and candles, and some rolled-up yoga mats, but most of the time it’s just worn wood floors made shiny by the light of two tall windows. I like to sit there to make crafts, stretch, and listen to music. It’s undesignated playspace, and this week it’s full of David’s music stuff because his album Halo Repair comes out today and he goes on tour at the end of the month!

In this interview, he explains the album title in a way I think is really special: “…I always think of Halo Repair as doing good work – the work
that makes you feel like you are exactly who you are supposed to be.
Making this album was good work. The best work I’ve ever done.” I invite you to check out Halo Repair because I think it’s pretty dang good work.

  1. The Goopification of Self-Care.  “Self-care is a hot new trend and brands are only too happy to encourage you to participate in it – and, look, it just so happens they stock the perfect tools to help you along!”
  2. What It’s Like to Quit Social Media as a Teenager in 2018. It’s really interesting to read what 18-19 year-olds say about not participating in social media. I didn’t have a smart phone for most of college, and that was thought to be kinda weird here and there, but now I imagine it’d be pretty unheard of. These young people have some good, honest things to say about self-esteem, mindfulness, and the social media bubble.
  3. How to Stand Up for Inclusion in Design. Sometimes it feels overwhelming to begin advocating for greater inclusion in your field or community, but this type of advice has served me well: the most powerful place to start is to listen. “This listening never ends, and it’s an important reminder to always ground yourself in listening first and talking/acting second.” I’ve learned so much by following blogs, listening to podcasts, and reading the memoirs of people who have different experiences than me – I believe it makes me a more empathetic person, and it’s such an easy way to take a step toward a more inclusive community.
  4. Sparking Curiosity: Librarian’s Role in Encouraging Exploration. Another reading from libraryland! I am really inspired by the idea of asking students to pursue research topics they’re “curious about” rather than “passionate about.” This article also touches on three types of curiosity (epistemic, perceptual, and interpersonal), which is fascinating. I’m interested in making more room in the classroom for browsing, curiosity, and exploration, and this piece offers some great ideas where to start.
  5. Delighting in Alanna Okun’s The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater: Essays on Crafting so far!

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