May 18, 2018

I wanted to use a summery photo because it’s been so dreary in our corner of Maryland this week. If you haven’t seen them already, want to see photos & stories of Frederick from the last few days of heavy rain and flooding? Check here and here. I never knew that Baker Park was designed to accommodate extra water and protect downtown Frederick!

  1. 40 Healthy Meal Prep Recipes, Bon Appetit. I like Bon Appetit recipes, despite their often-judge-y writing style. Anyway, some of these look pretty good, especially the granolas!

  2. The Two-Column Guilt Free (Yet Motivating) To-Do List. I’ve always been a pretty organized person, due to my constant fear of forgetting something (or not doing that ambiguous “enough” that keeps me up at night), but I’m always looking for more ways to plan and manage my time. I like that this method hacks into that reward impulse in my brain – do something from the easy list, do something from the hard list. It means you can “rack up numerous wins” all day.

  3.  Making Nora Ephron’s Mashed Potatoes for One. This makes me want to make mashed potatoes (my secret is to cut the potatoes up super small and boil them…they basically mash themselves). But it also makes me want to re-read Nora Ephron’s collected works, which is such a great little enormous tome.

  4. Love Letters as Writing Samples, the Candidate Who Spoke Pirate, and Other Tales of Amazing Resumes. These wild resume anecdotes made me laugh last Friday!

  5. Lilac: The Color of Half-Mourning, Doomed Hotels, and Fashionable Feelings. I love reading about colors and could read about them all day. “
    It’s a color associated with spirituality, creativity, and royalty,
    sure, but purple (and bright purple especially) is also the color of
    kookiness and wacky aunts.”

Stay safe and dry this weekend!

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