July 20, 2018

Happy Friday! This has been a month of taking a few days off, memory-making, and fresh fresh produce. I’ve got a stack of library books and a little sunburn. How has July been going for you?

  1. A More or Less Definitive Guide to Showing Up for Friends, Buzzfeed. I really like the practical, thoughtful ideas here, especially remembering the names of the people in your friends’ world. “Become known as the friend who says, “I believe you.”
  2. You Don’t Have to Live in Public.
    Wow what a good and necessary read. “He worries that our reliance on
    big tech companies is ruining our capacity for spirituality, by turning
    us into robotic extensions of their machines. The companies, he argues,
    have no appreciation for the “mystical spark inside you.” They don’t
    understand the magic of human consciousness and, therefore, will
    recklessly destroy it.” Austin Kleon is someone I respect for taste and
    worldview about what it means to be and work as an artist. There’s a lot
    of good collected quotes and further reading at the link but here’s one
    more gem: “You don’t have to live in public on the internet if you
    don’t want to…These are tools, not requirements. Don’t let them make
    you miserable. Tune them until they bring you pleasure.”
  3. Old Gender Roles With Your Dinner? NYT. This is a new-to-me story that was pretty fascinating and at times annoying (waitstaff see women diners as less lucrative and so they treat them worse? cool). But it’s interesting to see the other side of restaurants and demographics and how people try to anticipate what you want. Like, it said that women tend to order desserts that are fruity or a little exotic, and the nostalgic, childhood treats based on cookies and brownies are on the menu for male diners. I’m sure it doesn’t bear out on everyone but some things felt familiar.
  4. Kitchn 100: Grocery Essentials. Always here to see someone’s go-to groceries! I wanna try ALDI coffee. There’s some familiar stuff on here (s/o to King Arthur Flour) but also some random fancy things that I will be on the lookout for (except those RX protein bars with the ingredients listed on the front, nothing will ever look less appealing to me).
  5. Do you Have a Favorite Poem? There are some lovely poems in the comments of this thread!

Bonus Features:

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