5 Favorite Podcasts

This is a photo of me from college radio days and SHOUTOUT to that shiny shirt that transitioned seamlessly (seamlessly!) from childhood dress-up to my college wardrobe. I thought I’d write a bonus post this week to share a few of my favorite podcasts. They might not be for everyone, but they get me through the margin moments of my day that would otherwise (god forbid) leave me alone with my thoughts:

  1. Wonderful – Rachel and Griffin McElroy started this podcast to cover the Bachelorette and when that took a turn for the depressing, they pivoted to talk about things they find wonderful. They do a little research on a few wonderful things each week, and speak gently and fondly to each other while their baby naps. Consistently my favorite listen of the week.

  2. Keep It – This one is a podcast hosted by a culture critic, covering political and pop-cultural current events. I really like the chemistry between these hosts, and they have good interview guests (they interviewed Jenny Han, the author of To All the Boys I Loved Before the other week!).

  3. Hey Riddle Riddle – I love the concept of this podcast. The three hosts work to solve riddles and puzzles that range from easy-peasy to the difficult or bizarre. The podcast is still relatively new, but I am liking the groove they’re finding. A guest last week said something like, “This podcast is for people who think they enjoy riddles, but actually enjoy hating riddles.” Given how many riddles rely on elaborate puns, I think this holds up.
  4. By the Book – For two weeks, two friends try to live by a self-help book to the letter, and report their results. As they follow the advice in a book, the two weeks are usually a mix of chaos and personal growth, which I can appreciate. Even when I haven’t read the self-help book in question, I still enjoy listening to this one. It’s like, “We try out this trendy book so you don’t have to.”

  5. She’s All Fat – I already talked about this podcast a few weeks ago, but it’s still so good! They describe the podcast as being for “body positivity, radical self-love, and chill vibes only,” and that has held up as I made my way through their backlog. Even though they cover some depressing topics, such as fat discrimination, they also highlight good news and resources, and the podcast stays uplifting. Also Sophie’s favorite YA author is Tamora Pierce and SAME GIRL.

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