February 15, 2019


Image: Peanuts Worldwide LLC

Oh, hello. Friday really crept up on me this week. I’ve been preoccupied with starting the new job and wearing my self-consciousness like a big sandwich board. I like the office, the people seem nice, and I’m very awkward! But this is a phase that will pass. In the meantime, here are some things I managed to read or at least look at this week:

  1. Here’s Why You Should Care Less About Your Work, Glamour. Excellent tips on post-work rituals here, amongst cute workplace comics. “Be less passionate about work” doesn’t mean “Don’t care about work.” It means: Care more about yourself. Carve out time for the people you love, for exercise, for guilt-free vacation. Remind yourself that few people look back at their lives and wish they had stayed at the office until 10:00 P.M.” I want to develop a good post-work ritual. Hmm…
  2. How to Determine Whether Something Is or Isn’t a Romantic Comedy, Entertainment Weekly. I think I follow the logic here, but I especially love this final line: “Movies are most enjoyable when they can be debated and disagreed on.” As long as no one is being a jerk to anyone, that’s totally the truth.
  3. Tom Gauld’s “Winter Garden,” the New Yorker. I really liked this cover illustration.
  4. East, Edith Pattou. I’m re-reading this book in anticipation of the sequel, West, which I just found out exists! East is a beautiful retelling of “East of the Sun, West of the Moon,” sort of combined with “Beauty and the Beast.” One of my favorite fairy tale retellings. (If anyone has any retellings they want to share I am all ears! I just heard about a version of Pride and Prejudice set in Pakistan called Unmarriageable that I’m very curious about.)
  5. How to Stop Static on a Dress Clinging to You, Wikihow. I’m sure you can guess why I read this article this week. I used Method #4, because I hate how in the winter my skirts all turn into weird lumpy pants clinging to my legs!

Have a fun weekend!

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