September 13, 2019

I’m just not feeling it this week, sorry friends. Here’s 5 small silly things, thanks for stickin’ with me.

  1. Hubble’s New Portrait of Jupiter, NASA. Isn’t it wild that we can see clear photographs of planets across the solar system? That doesn’t really get old.
  2. Questions people asked librarians before the internet, Minnesota Public Radio. “What percentage of all bathtubs in the world are in the U.S.? (1/27/1944).” See more of the question cards at this hashtag: #letmelibrarianthatforyou.
  3. Cute video, Twitter: Little toddler taking steps on his forearm crutches while his dog watches. “I’m walking, Maggie!”
  4. Brazen and the Beast, Sarah MacLean. You might not be a romance reader (HISTORICAL romance on top of that, with all those cravats and chemises), and I respect that. This book was one of the sweeter ones for me. Maybe I’m especially partial to it because the main character is explicitly described as being curvy/chubby, and so reading her love interest be all into that made it a positive read.
  5. My Dogs’ Wedding, JennaMarbles. I’ve been watching a lot of JennaMarbles’ dog videos this week since I’ve found myself at home in bed more than usual. They’re surreal and tender and I find them supremely comforting.

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