April 3, 2020

mom n kid

me, i drew it this time!

I’m writing my Friday5 much later in the week than I usually do, and I don’t even have the excuse of being so busy I just haven’t gotten to it yet! Closer to the truth is that I haven’t been a very good reader this week (although I have been an excellent completer of coloring pages!), but here 5 things I found interesting or delightful this time around:

  1. “Ah, Love, you smell of petroleum”, Judy Grahn. “Meantime here is your cracked plate / with spaghetti. Wash your hands & / touch me, praise / my cooking. I shall praise your calluses. / We shall dance in the kitchen / of our imagination.” I love poems of contentment.
  2. Board Game Remix Kit – Can’t vouch for this yet, but it’s a PDF of different ways to remix the old board games you probably have lying around (examples: “listen to the answer from a Trivial Pursuit card, and compete to come up with the most plausible question,” or “auction off individual Scrabble tiles with your Monopoly money,” or “solve a murder mystery with Scrabble tile anagrams.”). Sounds fun! We’re going to try it out this weekend.
  3. Gibson Girl Evelyn Nesbit and the History of the Half-up Hairdo, Jezebel. (CW: Assault mentioned in a historical person’s biography early in the article.) “During this time [after World War 2], Gibson and others were trying to convince women to turn back the clock by presenting images of women performing femininity in a particular way. But once a definition expands, it is hard to make it contract again. Once we begin to truly see the beauty in other forms, it’s hard to remember why we resisted.” Ok so the half-ponytail (which I’ve often thought of as The Legolas) was my MOVE for every special occasion hairdo. Honestly, as someone with hair that won’t curl, who never learned to French braid, the half-up is still kind of my go-to.
  4. Rescued Baby Cow Follows Her Mom Like a Puppy, Dodo Kids. I obviously love animal videos but I have no tolerance for sad animal videos of any kind (even the “heartwarming” ones, don’t do it to me!). And guess what? Dodo Kids is just the cute stuff. This video has a kid telling the story of this lady and her cow and I love every part of it.
  5. Twitter thread of unusual acknowledgements, @AcademiaObscura. “We do not gratefully thank T. Appourchaux for his useless and very mean comments.” Love the pettiness and the sweet specifics of some of these thank-yous. Here’s another: “…If this book is not a success, I dedicate it to the burglars in Boulder, Colorado, who broke into our house and stole a television, two typewriters, my wife Helen’s engagement ring and several pieces of cheese, somewhere about a third of the way through Chapter 8.”

Bonus features:

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