September 18, 2020

TGIF. Thank God It’s Fall.

  1. The Lawmakers Fighting to Make Hair Discrimination Illegal, Glamour. “When we talk about systemic racism, we must acknowledge the role of hair discrimination in oppressing Black and brown people in our classrooms, conference rooms, and beyond,” she says. “Hair discrimination is a very real phenomenon that contributes to the criminalization of communities of color and perpetuates the school-to-confinement pathway, especially for girls and young women.” This is legislation I’ve been following for a little bit, and although this article says that Maryland has passed this legislation, the truth is that only Montgomery County has so far. I’d like to see it be a state-wide policy, and if you agree, you should write your reps about it!
  2. A Brief History of the Mason Jar, Smithsonian. I love canning and I have so much childhood nostalgia for this humble, versatile jar.
  3. Welcome the Covid Influencer, Anne Helen Petersen’s newsletter. “With that said, it’s ridiculous to the point of sad hilarity that athletes can’t get compensated for their brand promotion (or for the literal millions of dollars they bring into the school), but influencers like Brooklyn and Bailey can. The difference, of course, is that universities have kept up the farce that their student athletes are just, I dunno, playing for the fun of it, not actually acting as brand ambassadors. But straight up influencers like Brooklyn and Bailey make any such pretense impossible. And as Derek Jenkins put it on Twitter, “How many racialized students have been pressured onto the cover of their university’s student catalog without the added incentive of a “brand partnership”?”
  4. Comedy Wildlife Photo Finalists Are Every Bit as Glorious as You’d Expect, Mashable. I love contest this every year. I love the otters, the bears, and the giraffes!
  5. Best Frozen Pizza, Kitchn. What’s your favorite frozen pizza? This link has some good suggestions I’m going to try, but lately Davy and I have been big into this kooky guy’s frozen pies: Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza.

Donation Station:

Great Cycle Challenge USA – Tim Hampton – My dad is doing a fundraiser for Children’s Cancer Research Fund, and he’s already biked like 85 miles! Join me in donating $5 this week.

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