Friday, June 16

Personal business: I’m going to the beach today straight after work so picture me as nothing but a giant sunglasses-emoji all day. Ok now here’s 5 things I read this week:

  1. You Are What is Killing Librarianship by Veronica Arellano Douglas on the ACRLog: “When we assume that we all not only hold the same professional values, but define them in the same way, without ever explicitly discussing them, we are setting ourselves up for professional blow-ups.” Got me thinking about which values are at the heart of my practice as a librarian and archivist.
  2. Hush…: The Dangers of Silence in Academic Libraries by Jessica Schomberg and Kirsti Cole on In the Library with the Lead Pipe: Useful examination of civility and how invoking a spirit of politeness is a method to silence people who speak out against oppression or injustice in the workplace. 
  3. Caught up on the 3 most recent Ms. Marvel volumes, after watching a great LibraryJournal panel on diversity in comics and graphic novels.
  4. “Famous” by Naomi Shihab Nye: A good time to read this poem, as I examine what I am capable of, and what I want to do next.
  5. Archival Amnesty: In Search of Black American Transitional and Restorative Justice by Tonia Sutherland in the Journal of Critical Library and Information Studies. By not including the evidence of racial violence against Black Americans, archivists let perpetrators (and our country) off the hook. By not including in our archives records of lynching, governmental failure during Hurricane Katrina, and police violence upon Black bodies, we normalize and re-write our history. America cannot begin to right the wrongs this country committed against Black people without reckoning with the truth, and the records must be collected and accessible to be reckoned with.